Bright Future of Mobile Technology

In the history of mankind, there has never been a technology that has been adopted and embraced as easily and fast as the smartphone. Consumers have embraced these little devices at a faster rate than anything seen before, and this includes,  automobile, personal computers, electricity, and even the internet itself.  This is primarily because of several factors (not a complete list by any means) : 

  • rapid evolution of the internet in industrialized and third world countries
  • flattening of communication barriers when it pertains to speed of information
  • rapid technological advances in both hardware and software
  • proliferation of social communication across the globe with products such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype to name a few. 

  With the adoption of the "Store Model" concept  which Apple made accessible to the general public, several others have followed suit;  Google, Microsoft.  There will be others for sure in the future.

This trend will not stop.  A revolution has started.  What is truly remarkable, is that the possibilities are endless.  Applications such as Facebook,  Twitter, and Skype are now mainstream for personal and business use.  Companies and individuals alike use these applications and others to be more connected to customers, family members, friends, and others.

At Cedoliaapps, we welcome this revolution in hope of creating more applications that will benefit everybody in the long run. We believe in the use of technology and mobile applications that enhance everybody's life. 

The journey has only started!!!