Match My Colors' V1.2 is an application which allows any user to either pick an existing image from their photo album on their iPhone or iPad and then select a color from that picture by clicking on the image after adjusting the location of the color with the crosshair.

Once a color has been matched, the user can save this selection for later retrieval.

The user also has the ability to take a picture with their iPhone or iPad camera and extract a color from that picture. After the color has been saved, the user has the ability to copy the saved color scheme to the clipboard by clicking on the clip.

The clipped information can then be pasted anywhere the user has the ability to do so.

 Additional capabilities include:

  • Sending the saved matched color scheme via SMS.
  • Emailing the saved matched Color Scheme.
  • Saving selected colors from any picture.
  • Loading saved matched color Schemes.
  • Deleting saved matched Schemes by swiping Left.


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