Color Picker

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Color Picker  is a simple application that allows any user to customize colors which are picked at random once a color has been generated by clicking on the red button.

By using the INT, HEX, and ALPHA steppers in conjunction with R,G,B, the user can adjust the (Red, Green, Blue) values that have been generated randomly, in order to customize a particular color to your own liking.

In addition to being able to customize the values, the user also has the ability to copy a color scheme to the clipboard by clicking on the clip.  The clipped information can then be pasted anywhere the user has the ability to do so.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Picking an existing image from the photo album of the iPhone or iPad and then selecting a color from that picture by clicking on the image after adjusting the location of the color with the crosshair. 
  • Ability to take a picture with the iPhone or iPad camera and extract a color from that picture.
  • Sending the current color scheme via SMS.
  • Emailing the current color scheme.
  • Saving the current color scheme for later retrieval.
  • Loading saved color schemes for review or editing.
  • Editing saved color schemes.
  • Deleting saved color schemes by doing a swipe left action on the list.
  • generating 255 random color schemes by pressing the colored circle and then being able to further select specific colors more quickly.
  • From the main screen, the user can keep clicking the red button to generate more specific random colors.

What is the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Color Model?

The RGB color model is an additive color model in which the  Red, Green, and Blue light are mixed together in multiple fashion to reproduce a multitude of colors.  

What is the RGB model primarily used for?

It is primarily used for representing colors in Electronic Media such as the display of electronic images in computers and television sets.  However,  with computers, mobile phones going more mainstream,  it has seen an increase in usage throughout a multitude of domains.  Just to name a few:

  • Computer Graphics design
  • Photography
  • All forms of  Digital Media
  • Modeling and renovations where color matching is important
  • Print Media
  • Finding the right color tones for  Logo creation and enhancements
  • Advertising and Marketing.