Capitalization Rate Application for iPad



Real estate investors, real estate appraisers and commercial real estate lenders use capitalization rates (cap rates) to determine the value of commercial real estate. Lenders and investors prefer higher cap rate to lower ones. They vary by location, property condition and market trends. A prudent investor determines a property's value based on his desired cap rate; acceptable rates vary with an individual investor's preferences. The formula for a building's cap rate is net operating income divided by sales price.

This application will allow you to:

  • Input values for several groupings
  • Review the entered values as you change them  
  • An interactive piechart will keep you updated as to the main percentages contributing to the calculation of the Cap Rate 
  • Save the entered values by giving that Cap Rate a name  
  • Retrieve previously saved Cap Rate(s) by either specifying the exact name (Case sensitive) or wildcarding the name
  • Delete previously saved Cap Rates
  • Email a Cap Rate  
  • Print a Cap Rate
  • Erase grouping values in order to quickly modify previously entered values.